Subject Selection & Specific Tertiary Course Information

Subject Selection

To start, we recommend that you click here and watch the "Making Smart Subject and Course Choices" clip on YouTube, featuring Mark Furze (Home and Away) and Angela Bishop (Entertainment Reporter, Network Ten). Despite being produced in 2011, it still gives you great suggestions on how to choose your VCE subjects and University/TAFE courses.

In addition, the VTAC (The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) website can be used to aid subject selection using the Course Search tool.  Students can search all courses in Victoria by University/TAFE or by interest area.  Pre requisites, length of courses, ATAR clearly in, subjects studies and subject bonus information is available for each course.

Click on the link to find out more about the following study areas; 


Art Biology Chemistry
Economics / Business
English / English Literature    Geography

History Information Technology  LOTE
Legal & Politics

Mathematics Physical Sciences Performing Arts

Texts & Traditions    

The following steps can help you start planning your VCE program

  • STEP 1 - List your present career aspirations
  • STEP 2 - Use the Job Guide to identify courses needed to enter the career(s).
  • STEP 3 - Classify the courses into their field of study.
  • STEP 4 - Refer to the General guideline section below showing the range of prerequisites needed for courses in specific fields of study. Check the Tertiary Entrance Requirements document (called VICTER) We will give you a copy in July.
  • STEP 5 - Make a list of studies to consider. Include studies you are interested in, those that you have strengths in, and those that you will need for prerequisites in your areas of interest.

Prerequisites Guidelines

*Please note that this is a list of GENERAL guidelines to the range of pre-requisites required for courses in the following fields of study.  It is your responsibility to refer to the VICTER2019 (Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements for students in year 10 in 2017.  Click here if you are in year 11, 2017) and read the advice in the VTAC publication YEAR 10 GUIDE. This information is to give you a quick summary;


  • Agriculture, Animal Studies and Natural Resources Prerequisites range from courses requiring Maths Methods, Chemistry and one of Physics, additional Maths, Biology to those with no prerequisites.
  • Architecture, Building and Planning Prerequisites range from courses requiring Maths Methods to those with no prerequisites.
  • Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Drama  A few courses select on ATAR but often folios and/or interviews are required. Choose studies to develop your skills and folio
  • Business, Economics, Administration and Sales A few courses require Maths Methods. Many courses require Further Maths or no Maths
  • Computing and Information Systems  A few courses require Maths Methods plus a Science. Many courses require Maths Methods, others have no prerequisites. There are a wide variety of courses. See also Engineering, Science and Business fields.
  • Education Prerequisites depend on the specialisation. However, the minimum of two units 1&2 Maths are needed for most teaching courses, and also for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. 
  • Engineering and Related Technologies and Surveying Maximum required is Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Chemistry and Physics. There are a wide variety of prerequisites including Maths Methods; some courses require Further Maths only 
  • Health, Community and Welfare Services Maximum required is Maths Methods, Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Specialist Maths. Prerequisites vary between universities. Some courses have no prerequisites
  • Hospitality, Tourism, Transport and Personal Services Some courses require a maths, others have no prerequisites
  • Humanities and Social Sciences English
  • Law and Securities English
  • Manufacturing and Processing Most courses require Maths Methods; a few courses require Specialist Maths
  • Science Many courses require Maths Methods, and one of (or two of) Chemistry, Physics, Biology and an additional Maths.


Specific Tertiary Course Information

Where possible resources made available in addition to the VTAC Website, generally form the Tertiary Institutions themselves, will be provided in this section for student research.

Course information can be found by going to the following link: Tertiary Courses