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Year 12 Interview Skills Workshop

he difference between success and failure in an interview, can be as simple as a statement made, or an achievement remembered, when presented effectively.

The Interview Skills Role Play Workshop is specifically developed for students. This program ensures that you fully understand the interview process, and learn the importance of proper planning and preparation. You will be exposed to real and relevant interview experiences, either as a participant or observer. In this fun, interactive program, you will become candidate, evaluator and educator. Find out now if your Cdrive is loaded. Have you done the 5P’s – the 4R’s and understood the 4W’s? Here is an opportunity to test your skills and to further hone them for the future.

You have put in hundreds of hours of study for your exams. HOW much time have you put into preparing for your all important interview?

This has nothing to do with me!

It certainly does, if you’re planning to go to university or to get a job in the future. Today more and more

courses are using the Interview as the selection process, over and above the ATAR result! Graphic Art, Design, Fashion, Architecture, Monash Medicine MMI, CASPer, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Apprenticeship, Part time job, Workforce, Scholarship, Residency etc. or entering the workforce. You must be able to promote, sell and differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other students applying for the same opportunities.

This highly relevant, fun and interactive workshop, is a tremendous opportunity for you to better understand and experience the skills needed to succeed, and differentiate yourself, in the interview process.

Date: Tuesday 1st December 10 to 11.30am. On-line.

Limited places available!  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Your Next Interview could shape your Future!

To Register: Email Mrs White