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St Kevin's College Careers Department has a proud tradition of building relationships with students through the development of their career exploration journey and research into post secondary school options.  

The foundation of the Careers Program is the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework which provides the following goals to assist young people to:

  • Understand and manage influences relating to career planning and lifelong learning;

  • Develop skills, knowledge and capabilities to make career decisions;

  • Apply their learning to achieve educational and career aspirations; and

  • Build resilience in their capacity to manage change throughout their lives.

These goals are organised into three Stages of Career Development which underpin our Careers Program:

  • Self Development: young people understand themselves and the influences on them, build their experiences and achievements and develop their capabilities.

  • Career Exploration: young people locate, investigate and consider opportunities in learning and future work options.

  • Career Management: young people make and adjust Career Action Plans and manage their life choices, changes and transitions.

The Careers Resource Centre, located on the top floor of the Godfrey Building, offers students a library of up to date careers and course information. Students are encouraged to visit the Centre to borrow materials and arrange a time for a personal interview with a Careers Practitioner, if required. Parents are welcome to attend these interviews.  Appointments can also be made (with student login required) via Book Career Appointments Online Tab:
Create Career Booking

Individual Careers Appointments

The Careers Practitioners counsel all Year 12 students individually.  Students may make appointments at any time of the year, usually during a study period, so as not to impinge on class time.  All Year 10 students and their parents are encouraged to make a Careers Appointment during Term 2 following receipt of the vocational testing information in preparation for VCE subject selection.  Year 11 students are also encouraged to make individual appointments when required.


Year 10 students and their parents are encouraged to attend an interview with a Career Practitioner in Term 2.  However, students are welcome to visit the Careers Centre to seek advice about subject selection, Work Experience, Community Service and to gather resources and information at any time. 

Term 1

  • Aptitude, Interest & Vocational Testing, February 23, 2017

  • Optional Work Experience at the end of each term

  • PACTS Program - Parents as Career and Transition Support, for Year 10 Parents (limited places) 

    • Register for PACTS, 27 March, 2016

Term 2

  • Reporting back to parents on the Career Avenues Aptitude, Interest & Vocational Testing

    • Aptitude & Vocational Testing Report Evening, March/April 2017

  • Individual interviews student and parent

  • Optional Work Experience at the end of each term

Term 3

  • Attend one or two Open Days

  • Careers Evening, 1 August, 2017

  • Year 10 VCE Information Evening, 7th August, 2017

  • Transition Day, Thursday August 10, 2017

  • Optional Work Experience at the end of each term

Term 4

  • Changing subjects? Visit the Careers Centre to discuss your VCE subject selection

  • Individual 5 minute interviews with all Year 10 students to confirm VCE subject selection, November 2017


Year 11 students are encouraged to utilise the facilities of the Careers Resource Centre.  Please request an appointment with a Careers Practitioner to discuss your VCE studies, future directions; career options and enrichment opportunities. 


Enhance your chances for tertiary selection

  • You may not have the time to do this in Year 12, so do this NOW!

  • Build up your art folio; research on tertiary courses; find out about courses; interstate universities; consider a work experience placement in the career of your choice

  • (remember, when checking course pre-requistes use the CourseSearch program on the VTAC website for the most up to date list of courses.)

Attend Open Days, Seminars, Summer School

  • Read the Career News each week to find out which institutions or industries are offering programs in the coming weeks. 

  • Open Days are usually held from July to September; prepare questions to ask; enrichment opportunities are usually advertised in the Newsletter or in the daily memo. 

  • Talk to friends & relatives about their tertiary studies and jobs (you will surely learn something new)

  • Make the most of the SKC Careers Evening, 1 August, 2017

Study Hard

(After all, most courses select by ATAR!)
Assistance on study skills, examination techniques is available from tutors, subject teachers and the Senior Studies Coordinator.  The College Counsellors may also be approached for additional help with motivational strategies and study programs.


SKC Careers Advice & Tertiary Application Timeline

February – June


During Term 1, each Year 12 student will have the opportunity to undertake MyCareerMatch.  This is a personality profile tool which matches your main personality traits to possible career options.  The results from this online tool will provide Year 12 students with information to add to their Year 10 Career Avenues results, substantiating or re-evaluating their career directions based on possible changes in interest occurring through research and maturity. (Commencing 2019)


During Term 1, 2018, each Year 12 student will have a Careers class to undertake their Career Action Plan to be completed as soon as possible.  Students are encouraged to book an interview with a Careers Practitioner to discuss directions/ options for following year and beyond. Parents are welcome to attend interviews with their sons. Interviews are available on a continuing basis – February through to December.


Open Day "season" starts 
VTAC Information Sessions 
VTAC Session for Parents 
UMAT (the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test) held 
Study course guides of institutions 
Book interview with Careers Practitioner early! Often there is a two-week waiting period.


Attend SKC Careers Expo, 1 August, 2017

VTAC preferences refined 
Use VTAC website as your online tool for all course research
Check Extra Requirements and fulfill them (e.g. Attend Interview, submit Folio or Pre-Selection  Kit, sit Tests)
Submit interstate applications
Apply for Scholarships


Students list all possible course interests ("preferences") on their online VTAC application.
If appropriate, submit the SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) Application through student VTAC User Account , which will be used to assess the needs of students experiencing specific personal circumstances affecting their performance in Year 12.


Apply for on-campus housing 
Check employer incentives / scholarships / traineeships


Make appointment with Careers Practitioner to prepare for course and job interviews 
Some tertiary courses require an interview
Book an interview with Careers Practitioner for the Change of Preference Period


Changes to course selection; Careers Practitioner available to assist with Change of Preference. Seek appointment early. 

January 2018

1st round tertiary offers 

Use relevant online link from offer email to plan course before going for enrolment 
Usually there is only one week between the offer and the enrolment date

February/March 2018

Some courses have 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th round offers through February and March.