VET in Schools at St Kevin's

VET - Vocational Education & Training

Vocational Education and Training refers to a system that enables secondary students to combine their VCE with vocational training. 

Most VET studies require students to complete a work placement. This enables them to demonstrate and or acquire skills and knowledge in an industry or business setting. During the work placement students will have specific tasks to undertake in order to demonstrate a range of skills and competencies. 

There are currently 12 students enrolled in VET Studies at St Kevin's College including Hospitality, Multimedia, Cabinet Making (Furnishings), Engineering, Community Sport & Recreation, Information Technology, Music - Technical Production, Music Performance and Community Service. 

Students undertake these studies at a host provider school and complete their work placement during school holidays. All programs are run through the Inner Melbourne VE&T Cluster (IMVC). The IMVC is an association of Secondary Colleges from State, Catholic and Independent sectors that have come together to enable the sharing of resources and ideas in the organisation of VET programs. This allows small numbers of students from individual schools who would otherwise not be able to undertake VET studies to join a program.

Students in years 9 or 10 considering a VET subject should pick up a VET Handbook during Subject Selection in term 3 from the Careers Centre and speak with the VET Coordinator, Mrs White. 

The 2017 VET Handbook is also available as a PDF (see below)
Students are required to submit the paper copy of the 2017 VET in Schools Program Student "Expression of Interest" Form to the Careers Centre AND submit an online application at (using the VETiS Student Login). Instructions for submitting the online application are provided in the PDF below;