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What is Work Experience?

It is usually a five-day placement in a work environment where you can observe, experience and learn about the world of work. It is not compulsory, but strongly recommended you do at least one week's placement at some time during Years 10 or 11.

When can I do it?

Work Experience takes place during the holidays in Terms 1, 2 or 3. It can be taken at the end of the year, but
only up until the second week in December. It cannot be arranged over the Christmas holidays.

How do I do it?

Download the SKC Work Experience Planner here

# Seek an area of work that interests you, or you would like to find out more about, or you have some interest in, as a future career option.

# Finding a Placement... be adventurous!

# Ask around amongst family, friends, or neighbours, do they know anyone who may work in the particular line of work you are interested in?

# Contact well known or reputable firms to see if they take work experience students.

# Seek assistance from the Work Experience Coordinator in the Careers Office.

# Found a place, what next?

Complete an O.H.S program called safe@work, this can be studied on-line
You are required to sit a test - in the Careers Centre - and you must pass by 75%. If successful, you will receive your Award of Attainment Certificate. This is current for 12 months.You will then be given a Work Experience Arrangement Form to be filled in and signed.

The Work Experience Arrangement form is a legal document and must be signed by:

# Employer
# Parents
# Student
# Headmaster

Prior to commencing

You will make phone contact with your supervisor and the school sends a letter of confirmation on your behalf, along with a copy of the arrangement form and an evaluation report .

During your placement

You will be visited or contacted to see how you are going.
The employer completes an evaluation report, as a record of what you have done and you should be paid a minimum of $5.00 a day.

Benefits of doing Work Experience

# It provides an opportunity for you to explore possible career options.

# It can increase your self-understanding, independence and self-confidence.

# It can increase your motivation to continue studying and go on to tertiary or further education and training.

# It has been found to enhance your opportunities for part-time or casual employment.

# You can also develop work-related competencies.

We recommend that you read the information on the Youth Central website about Volunteering and gaining Work Experience.